Please contact me for any and all inquiries.

I moved to Philadelphia in 2012 and currently work out of my garage in Mount Airy.

I have been assisting Nate Willever since late 2019. We were recently accepted into the Studio Potter’s Grants for Apprenticeships Program. Looking forward to testing many more clays and glazes!

I also work as a freelance web developer if anyone needs a website 🙂



Clay offers a sense of visceral immediacy while being deeply ingrained in our history as both craft and earth. This dichotomy and the creative process of reinterpretation is what inspires me to make.

My work is a reflection of my interest in distant antiques and local materials. I hope to create something both old and new, referential but still personal: folk pottery filtered through my experience as a multiracial city dweller with diverse interests.

I use various unrefined clay bodies and glazes, composed of ingredients that are foraged from the surrounding region. Pieces are mid to high fired in electric, gas or wood kilns.


More on Process

In the future I hope to share more information about the materials I gather and my approach to using them, hopefully in a way that is encouraging and applicable for others.